Tesco Ethical Trading Verification


Tesco is the largest retailer in the United Kingdom offering products including Groceries, Electrical Goods, Home and electrical, Furniture & kitchen, Clothing & Jeweller, Garden, Baby & Toddler products etc.

Tesco source their products from all over the globe to meet customer demand. To ensure that their global supply chain operates in accordance with high ethical standards, Tesco has developed the Ethical Trading Initiative. The ETI Base Code is a comprehensive document that describes the socially responsible practices all suppliers and subcontractors must adopt to manufacture Tesco products.

In addition to mandatory registrations such as SEDEX, risk assessment and supplier capability study, the ETI base code is the reference used by Tesco (in addition to labour laws where the site/supplier is based).The ETI base code is the reference used by Tesco (in addition to labour laws where the site/supplier is based).

Applicability (Which organizations can comply to Tesco ETI Base code??)

  • Manufacturing units including sub-contractors in Tesco supply chain

Focus Points – Tesco ETI Base code

The base code is derived from International Labour Organisation (ILO) core conventions and covers 9 key areas:

  • Employment is freely chosen
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected
  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic
  • Child labour shall not be used
  • Living wages are paid
  • Working hours are not excessive
  • No discrimination is practised
  • Regular employment is provided
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

Benefits of Tesco ETI Base code

  • Recognition of socially compliant organization
  • Opportunity to participate in Tesco Supply Chain.
  • Opportunity for exports. Supplier Approval by overseas customers
  • Compliance with business, legal, contractual, and regulatory requirements
  • Improved structure and focus with respect to Business Ethics and practices

Tesco ETI Base code- Implementation Process by PQSmitra

PQSmitra Team helps in easy understanding of the Tesco ETI Base code requirements and simple methods for practical implementation. Team offers all the support to complete audit related documentation formalities. The initial review of the existing practices being followed at the organization is the starting point for the Tesco ETI Base code.100% documentation support is offered to achieve successful audit results.The implementation process is described below:

  • Initial visits and review of the existing system with respect to Tesco ETI Base code
  • Gap analysis and planning for compliance
  • Documentation including procedures, work instructions etc.
  • Internal audits to verify the compliance prior to final audit
  • Management review
  • Audit / verification.
  • Closure of non-conformities

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