Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP)

What is SLCP?

The Social and Labour Convergence Program (SLCP) is an initiative to develop a Neutral-Standard, Converged Assessment Framework (CAF) for the Organizations of Textile/Clothing & Footwear industries. This initiative is led by the world’s leading manufacturers, brands, retailers, Industry groups, Governmental Organizations, etc. The purpose of the SLCP is to create a simple auditing process of labor-related standards in the apparel and footwear industries. Before the introduction of the SLCP, the organizations in the Textile/Clothing and footwear industries have to carry out different types of Audits by different organizations & standards. The main aim of the SLCP is to simplify and streamline the processes.

One of the major advantages of SLCP is that the organizations which have been once verified don’t need to be assessed multiple times by various verification bodies. The SLCP is not a mere Code of Conduct or Compliance Program. SLCP eliminates the Audit Fatigue, provides a platform for Data comparison, and Free up resources that can be directed towards the improvement of Social and Labour conditions at your organization.

SLCP consists of Converged Assessment Framework (CAF) and SLCP Gateway, it is an online depository that facilitates for hosting and sharing of verified assessments reports. It also enables to redistribution the verified assessment reports to various Accredited Host (AH), due to this the organizations can share their verified assessment reports with the external interested parties such as business relations, brands, and standards, etc.



Hassle-free SLCP Certification with PQSmitra

PQSmitra Team helps organizations to implement the requirements of SLCP in the simplest and systematic manner. The methodology of system implementation covers Initial review, planning followed by implementation, and documentation. PQSmitra Team offers active support and hand-holding to organizations to achieve successful system implementation and positive audit results. 100% documentation support is offered to expedite the implementation process. The implementation process is described below:

Simple & Practical Methodology


Initial Review

  • Initial visit and Helping in Company Registration.
  • Review of the existing system with respect to the SLCP self-assessment checklist.


  • Hand holding/ support for documentation & implementation
  • Updating the SLCP self-assessment checklist with its evidence.

Effective Verification

  • Support during the on-site verification.

Achieve Certification

  • Inviting the SLCP approved assessor (verifying body).
  • Uploading self-assessment report on SLCP portal.

PQSmitra offers only Genuine Certifications Options.

We ensure that SLCP Certification adds value to your brand rather than distracting from it by getting counterfeit/local certification. Your certificate’s international traceability helps in passing the Certificate Verification process conducted by your overseas customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Converged Assessment Framework (CAF).
  • Labour working conditions.
  • No value-judgment or scoring.
  • Social welfare of the workers.
  • Self/Joint Assessment.
  • CAF Data collection tool.

The organization opting for the Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP)
requires to fill the self-assessment to demonstrate its compliance, along with this the organization should be able to produce documents required during verification.

The documented information required for the Social and Labor Convergence Program (SLCP):

  • Working hours records.
  • Site ownership.
  • List of workers.
  • Operating License.
  • List of sub-contractors.
  • Work Place rules compliances.
  • Workers Contracts.
  • Records for wages.
  • Health & Safety records.
  • The Textile/Clothing and Footwear industries throughout the Supply chain are eligible for SLCP (Social and Labour Convergence Program).
  • Reduce Multiple Audit Fatigue.
  • Compatible with other assessments and audit schemes.
  • Provision for Data comparison.
  • Credibility regarding social and labour data.
  • Widely accepted as multi-stakeholders involvement.
  • Complete ownership of Data.
  • 2015 to 2018 – SLCP signatories developed the Converged Assessment Framework (CAF).
  • 2018 – SLCP ran the light operation in China & Sri Lanka to test the SLCP system.
  • 2019 – Official relaunch after the update as per the learnings & feedback received during light operations.
  • 2019 – Official relaunched in Chine & Taiwan, Sri Lanka & India.
  • 2019 – SLCP rolled out to additional 12 countries.
  • 2020 – SLCP rolled out to 30 countries worldwide.
  • 2021 – SLCP roll-out is continued.
  • SLCP is not a standard or a certification program. Facilities’ social and labour data are collected and verified using the Converged Assessment Framework. The end result is a certified data collection that is compliant with existing standards and does not include any rating or ranking. Brands and other stakeholders can use the SLCP validated data to apply their own scores or codes of conduct. The Accredited Hosts offer services to assist businesses in utilizing the SLCP validated data, such as scoring, mapping to a Code of Conduct, and detecting concerns in order to develop a corrective action plan.

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