PQS Pragati – Business Process Re-engineering

PRAGATI (Business Process Re-engineering)

Every business is facing the challenges with regards to the survival and sustainability. In such scenario, we have identified the following common reasons / issues which are faced by almost every organization

Few Industrial Issues

  • Constant pressure for cost reduction (by Customer)
  • Tough Competition in the market
  • Increase in overheads due to Non Value-Adding Activities
  • In-competent managerial / Supervisory staff
  • Retention & Loyalty of employees
  • No analytical approach
  • Small mistakes leading to big losses
  • For each mistake, management is responsible
  • Needs improvement in Culture at the organization

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What is the Concept of Pragati??

Establishing Good Operating systems & inculcate GOOD CULTURE to achieve the GOALS set by the Company is the main concept of PRAGATI.

PQSmitra has developed an effective module “PRAGATI” for Business Process Reengineering. It is a simple and practical solution towards the development of good culture at the organization. The focus points are

  • Cultural Improvement
  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Up-gradation of Team Members for their better future
  • Structure for analysis of the data
  • Achievement of Targets/ Goals
  • Reducing Involvement of top management
  • Business process services
  • Eliminating the Non-Value Added Activities

PQSmitra Service Features Appreciated by Clients

PQSmitra’s contribution towards cultural improvement is highly appreciated by Industry & Business Establishment.
This simple & practical solution of performance measurement system has added value towards business excellence.

Simple &
Practical Approach

20+ years of

Successful Projects

Only Genuine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Building good culture at the organization
  • Development of responsibility & accountability among team members
  • Creating a platform for performance monitoring & Process Improvement
  • Prompt and Errorless Documentation
  • Satisfaction to stakeholders including Government of India, People & Society.
  • Comply to Customer Requirements
  • Enhanced Image of the organization
  • It will Be Beneficial for Process Management Of Business / Organization
  • PQSmitra objective has always been “Performance, Growth & Prosperity of Industries & Business Houses”. We are always committed to help our clients to reach their set goals and achieve their desired results. PQSmitra has developed an effective module “PRAGATI” for Business Process Reengineering which aims to help your organization reach their goals.

With our simple & practical approach we have helped organization improve their process and increase its business productivity just by few simple steps. This Business Process Reengineering technique will help you understand your organizations better and help you take off into greener pastures (U-TEKOF).

  • Any organization big or small looking to improve their business productivity level can avail our PRAGATI Business Process Reengineering service.
  • PQS Pragati- Business Process Re-engineering main concept is to establish a good management system & inculcate good culture to achieve goals set by an Organization.
  • Even though PQS Pragati does not have the exact same impact as an ISO certification when it comes to getting acknowledged it has an equal impact when it comes to performance. PQS Pragati module will help your organization achieve an effective Business practice.
  • Absolutely, Pragati will help the concerned person keep an eye on critical parameters related to functioning of the organization using the simplified key indicators. This would help organization to identify their strength & opportunities and improve profits.

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