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What is SWOT Analysis?

Enhancing Business Performance is the constant objective for every organization. For performance improvement, the first step is to scientifically analyze the business and its processes. Examining the current structure, of the organization, assessing its risk & opportunities for the best possible outcome, which will benefit your business.

SWOT analysis is known to be the proven and effective technique to perform a business review to know where one stands and how one can move ahead. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats.

Considering the context of the organization, there are many Internal and External factors having an impact on the business in either a positive or negative manner. Detailed business analysis using this technique can provide insight to top management which supports appropriate correct decisions on time.

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Concept of PQSmitra Insight

Scientific review of the business and its processes to build a platform for Business Planning & setting up Business Goals.









PQSmitra Service Features Appreciated by Clients

PQSmitra’s contribution towards cultural improvement is highly appreciated by Industry & Business Establishment.
This simple & practical solution of performance measurement system has added value towards business excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Unbiased and Detailed study of your business
  • The business insight which may have got missed in the existing business plan
  • The expertise of more than 20 years adds value to the entire process
  • Clear guidelines which are useful for business planning
  • Identification of new business opportunities and avenues

PQSmitra has performed SWOT analysis for many of its clients. This detailed study and report has supported clients to get a clear vision to set up business objectives and targets. PQSmitra team has also supported many clients with the implementation of the set business plan to achieve targets in stipulated time frame.

PQSmitra has developed a methodology where the information gathering is done. Also, there will be one-to-one interactions with the respective personnel, preferably top management members. Based on the detailed study, the SWOT analysis report is prepared which is considered as an input for developing the short-term and long term business plan.

  • What do you do well??
  • What unique resources do you have??
  • What do others see as your positive points??


  • What could you improve??
  • Is there a shortage of resources
  • Is there a shortage of resources
  • What do others see as your weak points??


  • What Opportunities are open for your business??
  • What trends could you take advantage of??
  • How can you turn your strengths into opportunities??


  • What threats could harm your business??
  • What is your competitor doing which can affect your business??
  • Which weakness can be a future threat for your business??

With our simple & practical approach we have helped organization improve their process and increase its business productivity just by few simple steps. This analysis technique will help you understand your organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats and in turn help you use them to flourish your business.

  • Any organization big or small looking to improve their business productivity level can avail SWOT analysis service.
  • SWOT Analysis is part of our Business Performance Improvement Service which is a special service identified by PQSmitra which has one objective and that is to Improve the Overall Performance of an Organization even if it doesn’t have ISO Certification. So if an Organization doesn’t want or is not capable for ISO Certification they can opt for our SWOT Analysis Service and can improve its performance respectively.
  • Even though SWOT Analysis does not have the exact same impact as an ISO certification when it comes to getting acknowledged it has an equal impact when it comes to performance. A SWOT Analysis will help an organization with an effective Business module.
  • Absolutely, SWOT Analysis will help the concerned person keep an eye on critical parameters related to functioning of the organization using the simplified key indicators. This would help organization to eliminate non-productive activities as well as identify their strength & opportunities and improve profits.

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