PQS Pragati – Business Process Re-engineering


Every business is facing the challenges with regards to the survival and sustainability. In such scenario, we have identified the following common reasons / issues which are faced by almost every organization.

Few Industrial Issues

  • Constant pressure for cost reduction (by Customer)
  • Tough Competition in the market
  • Increase in overheads due to Non Value Adding Activities
  • In-competent managerial / Supervisory staff
  • Retention & Loyalty of employees
  • No analytical approach
  • Small mistakes leading to big losses
  • For each mistake, management is responsible
  • Needs improvement in Culture at the organization

What is the Concept of Pragati??

Establishing the Good Operating systems & inculcate GOOD CULTURE to achieve the GOALS set by the Company is the main concept of PRAGATI.

PQSmitra has developed a effective module “PRAGATI” for Business Process Re-engineering. It is a simple and practical solution towards development of good culture at the organization. The focus points are

  • Cultural Improvement
  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Up-gradation of Team Members for their better future
  • Structure for analysis of the data
  • Achievement of Targets/ Goals
  • Reducing Involvement of top management
  • Eliminating the Non Value Added Activities

Benefits of “PRAGATI” Implementation

  • Building good culture at the organization
  • Development of responsibility & accountability among team members
  • Creating a platform for performance monitoring
  • Prompt and Errorless Documentation
  • Satisfaction to stake holders including Government of India, People & Society.
  • Comply to Customer Requirements
  • Enhanced Image of the organization

Our Methodology…

U Understanding the Company Operations

(Business & Processes)

T Team Formation

(Process owners for individual department/section)

E Existing System Review

(System review and identify scope for improvement)

K Knowledge of Good Practices

(Ref. checklist & plan for implementation of good practices)

O Set up Objectives

(Key performance indicators for individual department / process)

F Finalization of System

(Finalization of procedures, work instructions, analysis methods and Visual Management tools for individual department / process)

“PRAGATI” – Flow of Activities

PQSmitra has supported its clients with the simple and effective methodology which has helped those clients to re-engineer their business processes towards achievement of business targets.

VIDEO : PQS Pragati

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