Digital Business Card

What is Digital Business Card & it’s Benefits

Gone are the days when one only had to have a Visiting card, in this new age of digital revolution, having a Digital Business Card is a must to introduce people about your business & create a more impactful buzz about your business through digital communication media like WhatsApp, Email, Websites & Social links. PQSmitra has identified the many reasons for which one has to have a Digital Business Card through which Branding can be done along with Business Promotions.

  • Creates an appealing initial impression
  • Easy steps to create your Digital Business Card
  • Can be saved on your device
  • Share with everybody through various channels
  • Calls on a single touch or click
  • WhatsApp through a touch or click
  • Emails through a click
  • Navigate through maps on a single touch
  • Your contact details can be added through a single touch
  • Unlimited option to share
  • Easy to update

Every organization who intend to have such smartly designed cards to have a farther reach and let people know about their products or services, one must opt to have such Digital Business Cards from PQSmitra.

Which organizations should have Digital Business Card??

  • Organizations of any size and nature of business
  • Manufacturing units, Service sector and other business units
  • Corporate companies
  • Professionals like Chartered accountant, teachers etc.

Methodology of developing Digital Card for your Business

  • Discussion with the client to finalize scope of work
  • Information gathering
  • Designing of the profile
  • Uploading on card and giving it to client for approval
  • Final approval and issuance of digital card

PQSmitra with its commitment to simplicity & practicality has served more than 2500 of clients with its services over past 21 years. These has resulted into business excellence & improved worked culture in the respective organizations.

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