ERP System Development

What is ERP System Development & What is the role of PQSmitra in it?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process used by many companies to manage and integrate important part of the business and their processes. An ERP Development system can integrate planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and many more so that the processes are working within a single system.
ERP applications also allow the different departments to communicate and share information more easily with the rest of the company. It collects information about the activity and state of different divisions, making this information available to other parts, where it can be used productively.
PQSmitra offers this cost-effective ERP Software Development Company. With our knowledge and experience, we are engaged in providing easy solutions to help you in every step of the processes. Our unique ERP solution with fast accessibility and platform compatibility is developed as per client’s specific details & professionally executed.


PQSmitra Service Features Appreciated by Clients

PQSmitra’s contribution towards cultural improvement is highly appreciated by Industry & Business Establishment.
This simple & practical solution of performance measurement system has added value towards business excellence.

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Practical Approach

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Any business units irrespective of nature of business, size and location.

PQSmitra Group has an expertise to understand client’s business, products and the right channel for business promotion. It has supported many companies to showcase their capabilities and product features in a most simple and effective manner.

  • Better customer service
  • Enhanced business reporting
  • Improved inventory costs
  • Boost cash saving
  • Better data & cloud security
  • Business performance improvements
  • Better supply chain management.
  1. Discussion with the client to finalize scope of work
  2. Gathering information on business and its different processes
  3. Identifying the details such as unique points about the company and exclusive features of the products/services or process.
  4. Designing as per customer requirements and sending to customers for review and comments (till customer is completely satisfied)
  5. Final Handover of the system to the Client.

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