Social & Compliance Audits

A social compliance audit, also known as a social audit or an ethical audit, is a way to acquire insight into a company’s operations in order to ensure that it adheres to socially responsible norms. An independent auditor frequently conducts audits. External facilities, such as production houses, factories, farms, and packing houses, are usually audited by auditors.

Some sources, on the other hand, refer to a social audit as an internal audit or self-analysis conducted by a firm to determine how the company affects the society in which it operates. In addition to the more traditional factors, such as pay structure, benefits, and work culture, a company’s internal audit may look into its charitable contributions, volunteer efforts, energy use, and green initiatives, such as recycling and composting.

Some businesses release the outcomes of their analyses to the public, whether they are beneficial or negative. A company’s public image can be improved by announcing a plan to become a more socially conscious corporate citizen.

There are more than a few benefits when it comes to getting your organization certified, which includes:

Gaining an upper hand when it comes to Marketing

Meeting the Regulatory Requirements options

Earning Better Deals due to your accreditation

Ensuring Reliability

Customer Satisfaction

Social & Compliance Audits

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