Safety Audit

What is Safety Audit?

The term safety is of great importance in order to ensure that the day-to-day operations of organizations are carried out smoothly without any disruption. We all know that there is always a potential hazard which is related to our daily operations.

The Safety Audit is the most comprehensive way to evaluate the effectiveness & efficiency of the Health & Safety management system implemented at an organization.

The Safety Audit helps an organization to understand the gaps in the health & safety management system and provide a guidance for the continual improvement. The Safety audit acts as a proactive tool which prepares the organization to eliminate or minimize the potential hazard, thereby strengthening its Health & Safety management system.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • PQSmitra team has a highly experienced & expertise safety auditors which will conduct safety audit at your organization to ensure the compliance to the requirements of the national & international safety standards.
    1. Initial visit & opening meeting with client team.
    2. Walk through the premises of the organization.
    3. Review of the organization layout & drawings.
    4. Review of the Health & Safety system at the organization.
    5. Review of the documents related to Health & Safety system.
    6. Discussion with employees to evaluate Health & Safety awareness.
    7. Presentation of the findings to the client during closing meeting.
    8. Submission of the report to the client
  • Hazard Identification & controls.
  • Legal & regulatory requirements.
  • Health & Safety Management system.
  • Documentations & Reports.
  • Management commitment.
  • Employee involvement.
  • Training & awareness.

To demonstrate the compliance to the required Health & Safety Management system in the organization, the organization needs to produce documents on the request of the Auditor

The typical documents required for Safety Audit.

  • Health & Safety Policy.
  • Health & Safety objectives.
  • Health & Safety Manual.
  • Organization chart with defined health & safety responsibilities.
  • Accident & incident monitoring records.
  • Health & Safety meeting records.
  • Hazard Identification & Risk assessment.
  • Training records for health & safety.
  • Emergency preparedness plan.
  • Maintenance records of equipments.
  • Safe work procedures.
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
  • Occupational Health programmes.
  • The Safety Audit is applicable to all the organization irrespective of their operations & size such as industries, offices, hotels, corporate house, residential building.
  • Evaluate the current health & safety management system.
  • Ensure compliance to the legal & regulatory requirements.
  • Identification of gaps in the existing H&S management system.
  • Improves organization credentials.
  • Improves employee awareness.
  • Demonstrate organizations commitment to Health & Safety.
  • Minimize the risk of loss due to health & safety hazards.
  • Your Safety Audit will take place at either your primary business location or a local site, such as a hotel or conference facility, where you will be joined by other New Entrants from the area.

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