Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ICS)

What is Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ICS)?

The Initiative for compliance and sustainability (ICS) was the initiative created by the members of the French federation of commerce and distribution (FCD), France in the year 1998. The main objective of the Initiative for compliance and sustainability (ICS) is to enhance the working conditions throughout the global supply chain of the member retailers & brands.

Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ICS) consists of international retailers and brands representing the textile, retail, footwear, electronics, and furniture industries. The Initiative for compliance and sustainability (ICS) audits are neither certified nor labels. The ICS audits are managed by member companies & audit permission is only granted by the ICS member.

The ICS is guided on the framework defined by International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions, Universal Human rights principles & local legal & statutory requirements. The ICS audits are majorly semi-announced or unannounced. The ICS Audit reports are registered on the ICS database which is exchanged among the ICS members there by avoiding the unnecessary repetitive audits. The ICS also has environmental code of conduct which helps the organizations to reduce it environmental impacts & provide better sustainability prospectus.



Hassle-free ICS Certification with PQSmitra

PQSmitra Team helps in easy understanding of the ICS code of conduct and simple methods for practical implementation. The team offers all the support to complete audit-related documentation formalities. The initial review of the existing practices being followed at the organization is the starting point for the BSCI code of conduct audit. 100% documentation support is offered to achieve successful audit results. The implementation process is described below:

Simple & Practical Methodology


Initial Review

  • Initial visits and review of the existing system with respect to ICS requirements.
  • Gap analysis and planning for compliance


  • Designing and developing of forms, formats, and procedures
  • Hand holding/ support for implementation
  • 100% documentation support

Effective Verification

  • Internal audits to verify the compliance prior to final audit.
  • Management review

Achieve Certification

  • ICS code of conduct audit/verification.
  • Closure of non-conformities support if any.

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We ensure that ICS Certification adds value to your brand rather than distracting from it by getting counterfeit/local certification. Your certificate’s international traceability helps in passing the Certificate Verification process conducted by your overseas customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Management System, transparency & traceability.
  • Child labor, minimum age, young workers.
  • Forced Labour.
  • Discrimination at work.
  • Disciplinary practices, Harassment, or ill-treatments.
  • Freedom of association & grievance mechanism.
  • Total working hours.
  • Employee wages & benefits.
  • Employee Health & Safety.
  • Environmental Management System.
  • Energy Use, Transport & Greenhouse gases.
  • Water usage in the facility.
  • Wastewater disposal & treatment.
  • Air emissions.
  • Management of the waste.
  • Emergency response management.
  • Pollution prevention.
  • Hazardous & potentially hazardous substances.
  • The organization opting for Initiative for compliance and sustainability (ICS)
    has to demonstrate it compliance to ICS Code of Conduct, to demonstrate it compliance the organization has to implement & maintain document, which .The documented information required for Initiative for compliance and sustainability (ICS):

    • Working hour’s records.
    • Recruitment practices.
    • Payroll records.
    • List of workers.
    • Operating License.
    • List of sub-contractors.
    • Work Place rules compliances.
    • Workers Contracts.
    • Records for wages.
    • Health & Safety records.
    • Training for emergency response personnel.
    • Medical care & first aid kit.
    • Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE).
    • Environment Management Policy.
    • Aspect & Impact assessment.
    • Environmental Objectives records.
    • Environment committee meeting records.
    • Legal & statutory requirements.
    • Power consumption records.
    • Water consumption records.
  • Manufacturing units including sub-contractors (Subject to specific requirement and consent from the customer). The audit is initiated by ICS members itself for their suppliers.
  • Improves the labour working conditions.
  • Creates organization credible image.
  • International recognition among ICS members.
  • Business opportunities with ICS members.
  • No repetitive audit for business with ICS members.
  • Share of Audit reports on the ICS database for better visibility.
  • Reduced Audit Fatigue.
  • Improve sustainability practices of the organization.
  • Less environmental impact.
  • Enhance creditability of the organization.
  • Better resource utilization.
  • Improved environmental awareness among employees.

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