Energy Audit

What is Energy Audit?

The Energy Audit is an inspection survey which analysis the history and current energy utilization of all processes in an organization. The main objective of an energy audit is to identify & quantify the waste of energy that occurs in the respective process within the organization.

As energy plays a vital role in deciding the product cost, by conducting an energy audit at a regular interval an organization can exclude the unnecessary waste of energy from its processes.

The Energy audit not only identifies the wastage of the energy in processes but also provides a detailed analysis of the wastage & the suggestions to improve the energy saving practices within the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • PQSmitra has helped many organizations achieving this mark of excellence. The simple and practical method of system implementation help organizations to set up a robust and effective system. We also offer 100% support for documentation compliance in addition to onsite guidance for effective implementation. The implementation process is described below:
    1. Initial visits and Review of the existing systems.
    2. Data Collection of the facility related to process.
    3. On field equipment’s study & measuring.
    4. Analysis of Energy consumption & performance for energy accounting.
    5. Analysis and development of energy saving measures.
    6. Energy Audit Report with suggestion for energy saving measures.
  • Energy balancing & accounting.
  • Performance evaluation of equipment.
  • Energy consumption.
  • Evaluation of distribution system.
  • Processes & operations study.
  • Electrical Panel thermography study.
  • Analysis of Power & Harmonic.
  • Potential areas of improvement.
  • Techno-economical suggestions.

The Energy audit are based on the investigation of the operational conditions as well the documents & records maintained by the organization. The Energy Auditor requires documented information to understand the energy utilization in an organization. Therefore, the documents & records are to be made available at the request of the Energy Auditor.

The typical documents required for Energy Audit.

  • Process Flow Diagram.
  • List of Utilities.
  • Description of utilities.
  • Water balance data.
  • Boiler efficiency assessment report.
  • List of equipment.
  • Performance testing reports.
  • Energy consumption records.
  • Energy Management Policy.
  • Energy Management Objective & monitoring.
  • Training of staff & records.
  • It is applicable to all Organizations which have a high amount of energy consumption. For ex. Thermal Power plants, Oil & Gas plants, Commercial buildings, and many more.
  • It helps to reduce energy cost in your facility.
  • It helps you to lower energy bills.
  • It enables you to increase the comfort of those in the facility.
  • It helps you to increase the life span of the equipments in your facility.
  • Identifies any unidentified consumption at the organization.
  • With the reduction in production cost, the competitiveness of your company will be improved.
  • Reduce the dependency on foreign energy sources.
  • It helps to reduce environmental damage and pollution.
  • It can reduce the consumption of natural resources.
  • It can reduce the damage to the environment associated with the exploitation of resources.
  • It helps to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It can increase the security of your energy supply.

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