Electrical Safety Audit

What is Electrical Safety Audit?

The electricity has become an integral part of the daily operations of organizations but this electricity possesses threats to the organizations on day to day basis as well.

To safeguard the organization from the threats & hazards pertaining to Electricity an organization conducts the electrical safety audit, the main objective of the electrical safety audit is to evaluate the current system established to control the hazards related to electricity.

The electrical safety audit examines the safety & security of the electrical insulations installed in any industry or organization. The electrical safety audit is conducted by the experienced professionals which provides the necessary assistance to the organizations in reducing the risk related to electricity & compliance to the safety standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • PQSmitra team has highly experienced & expert Electrical safety auditors which will conduct Electrical safety audits at your organization to ensure compliance with the requirements of the national & international Fire safety standards.
    1. Initial visit & opening meeting with the client team.
    2. Walkthrough the premises of the organization.
    3. Review of the organization layout & drawings.
    4. Review of the Electrical system at the organization.
    5. Review of the documents related to Electrical safety system.
    6. Discussion with employees to evaluate Electrical Safety awareness.
    7. Presentation of the findings to the client during closing meeting.
    8. Submission of the report to the client.
  • Electrical Hazards.
  • Existing measures to control risk.
  • Management of Electrical safety system.
  • Electrical Safety awareness.
  • Emergency preparedness.
  • Electrical preventive maintenance program.
  • Mitigation plan to incident & accident.

To demonstrate the compliance to the required Electrical Safety system in the organization, the organization needs to produce documents at the request of the Auditor

The typical documents required for Electrical Safety Audit

  • Electrical hazard identification & Risk assessment.
  • Electrical equipment maintenance records.
  • Emergency preparedness plan.
  • Test reports of the earthing pit.
  • Transformer oil test record.
  • Organization chart with responsibilities.
  • List of first aid.
  • List of Personal Protective Equipments.
  • Records for electrical accidents & control measures.
  • The Electrical Safety is applicable to all the organization irrespective of their operations & size such as industries, offices, hotels, corporate house, residential building.
  • Helps to identifies the hazards & mitigate them.
  • Ensure the safety of the Man & Machine.
  • Ensure the compliance to the legal requirements.
  • Improved operating efficiencies.
  • Improved awareness among employees regarding electrical safety.
  • Energy Saving.
  • Promote health & safety culture.
  • Minimize electrical safety-related incidents & accidents.

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