AS 9100- Quality Management System for Aerospace Industry

What is AS 9100?

AS 9100 is an internationally recognized Quality Management System standard, which can be applied / implemented to organizations that design, develop or provide product and services to Aviation, Space and Defense industry, created by International Aerospace Quality Group. The standard provides suppliers with requirements for creating and maintaining a comprehensive quality system for providing safe and reliable products to the ASD industry, as well as civil and military aviation requirements.

AS9100 is utilized to standardize the processes in the aerospace industries by organizations to exhibit their capacity to consistently provide products and services that meet client and regulatory prerequisites and to show continuous improvement. It is not a product standard that define product quality, it controls your process the end product meet customer requirement

The 2016 (D) version of AS9100 is a 10 clause structure and has adopted P-D-C-A cycle, risk-based thinking as per ISO 9001, requirement to determine context of the organization and needs and expectation of interested parties. Besides this, the new version of the standard includes requirements for product safety in new clause, Counterfeit parts prevention added in new clause and Awareness clause added for product and service quality and safety.

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Hassle-free AS 9100:2016 Certification with PQSmitra

AS 9100 being a specific standard for aviation, space and defense industry, the system implementation requirements are stringent and effective. PQSmitra has been a reputed consultancy provider for more than 20 years. The systematic approach throughout the project execution by PQSmitra has supported many clients to implement effective system and avail Premium International Certification
The AS 9100:2016 implementation process is described below:

Simple & Practical Methodology


Initial Review

  • Review of the existing Quality Management System
  • Gap analysis and planning for the documentation
  • Select a Certification Body of your choice


  • Designing and developing of forms, formats, and procedures
  • Training on sector specific requirements and its implementation
  • 100% documentation support

Effective Verification

  • Routine assistance and system verification to ensure compliance to the requirements
  • Internal audit for verification of implemented system
  • Management review

Achieve Certification

  • Certification audit –
    Stage 1 & Stage 2
  • Closure of non-conformities support if any
  • Rewarding the certificate to the organization

PQSmitra offers only Genuine Certifications Options.

We ensure that AS 9100 Certification adds value to your brand rather than distracting from it by getting counterfeit/local certification. Your certificate’s international traceability helps in passing the Certificate Verification process conducted by your overseas customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Streamlining and Standardizing the manufacturing processes and other business processes
  • Product safety and warranty management
  • Integration of Customer Specific Requirements
  • Risk management and Contingency planning
  • Configuration management and Product traceability
  • Formulating Quality Policy and Objectives
  • Setting up system for documentation and records.
  • Management information system
  • Business performance and sustainability
  • The Quality management system scope
  • The description of pertinent stakeholders and interested parties, QMS scope including boundaries and applicability, description of QMS processes and applications, sequence and interaction of QMS processes, assignment of responsibilities and authorities for QMS processes
  • Quality policy
  • Quality objectives and plans to achieve them
  • Practice for control of externally provided processes, products and services
  • Technique for control of non-conforming products and services
  • Process methodology for nonconformity and corrective action management
  • The certification is availed primarily by the aviation, space and defense industry. This standard can also be used in other industry sectors when a quality management system with additional requirements over an ISO 9001:2015 system is needed.

Note : The eligible organizations shall be able to furnish data related to aviation, space and defense industry supply capabilities while certification audit

  • Entry passport for supply to aviation, space, and defense industry.
  • The certificate is recognized by other industry sectors
  • Deletion of non-value-added activities and waste elimination
  • Cost-effectiveness at various stages of the operations of the organizations
  • Improved product safety and warranty management
  • Manufacturing process controls enhancing Quality and Productivity
  • Business process streamlining and efficiency improvement
  • Responsibility and Accountability across the organization
  • A step towards customer delight
  • Year 1999 – AS 9100 was released by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the
  • Year 2001 – 1st Revision – AS 9100A released incorporating ISO 9001:2000 requirements
  • Year 2004 – 2nd Revision – AS 9100B released with minor changes
  • Year 2009 – 3rd Revision – AS 9100C released with incorporating the major changes including risk management and effectiveness of the system
  • Year 2016 – 4th Revision – AS 9100A released incorporating ISO 9001:2015 requirements
  • ISO 9000:2015 – Quality management – customer satisfaction – Guidelines for complaint handling in organizations
  • ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality management system for the automotive industry
  • AIAG manual for SPC (Statistical process control)
  • AIAG manual for PPAP (Production part approval process)
  • AIAG manual for APQP (Advanced product quality planning)
  • AIAG manual for FMEA (Failure mode and effect analysis)
  • AIAG manual for MSA (Measurement system analysis)
  • AS9100 incorporates all of the ISO 9001 quality management system requirements and specifies additional requirements for an aerospace quality management system. The additional aerospace requirements are displayed in bold, italic text, with the majority simply emphasizing ISO 9001 requirements.
  • AS9100 is a quality management system for the aerospace industry that is widely used and standardized.  AS9100 replaces the earlier AS9000 and fully incorporates the entirety of the current version of ISO 9001, while also adding quality and safety requirements.
  • EN9100:2018, commonly known as AS 9100D or AS 9100, is the most recent AS9100 standard for companies that design, develop, or provide parts, components, and assemblies for the aviation, space, and defense industries.
  • AS9100 incorporates ASQ/ISO 9001:2000 and adds to the quality system criteria for the aerospace sector. Section 1 of AS9100A defined an updated QMS model aligned with the ISO 9001:2000 publication; Section 2 defined an updated QMS model aligned with the ISO 9001:2000 publication.
  • Many aerospace manufacturers and suppliers will only collaborate with certified partners because AS9100 accreditation helps verify that a firm has suitable quality control systems in place. As a result, any aerospace-related company should consider AS9100 certification.
  • Every three years, the auditor will interview your employees and analyze your recorded information (procedures, documents, etc.) to ensure that you are meeting all AS9100 criteria. Every three years, certification audits are usually performed
  • Companies that design, develop, and/or manufacture aviation, space, and defense products; and companies that provide post-delivery support for their own products, such as maintenance, spare parts, or materials.

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