API Spec Q1 Awareness Training

Training Programme Features

API certification mainly focus on safety requirements particularly in oil and gas industry as requirements are very stringent as a minor deviation in the product / component can lead to a major catastrophe. The product quality and operational consistency are the prime parameters to avoid any safety related issue at the site. API Standards helps to improve the safety of industry tasks, guarantee the quality, help minimize expenses, diminish waste, and limit the confusion in an oil and gas industry.

This Training Programme introduces participants to American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard & gives an overview of new requirements & its interpretations. The Training Programme is useful for all the organizations / personnel to understand the system related requirements in manufacturing the products for oil and gas industry.

Who should attend the training?

  • Quality Managers / Executives
  • Management Representatives
  • API Consultants

Training Coverage

  • Introduction to API
  • Overview of API Spec Q1, Q2 and Monogram Programme
  • Certification Process
  • End of Training Programme

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