FAQ – Customer Specific Requirements

  1. What are Customer Specific Requirements?

Customer Specific Requirements are the additional requirements imposed by the customer which an organization needs to compulsorily comply with in order to become a verified supplier. In many cases, these requirements are additional to ISO certification.


  1. Is this different from ISO Certification?

Generally, a customer specific requirements are the additional requirements generated over the existing ISO certification to meet certain needs of the customer.


  1. Does my client require me to make changes in my Quality system?

As per specific requirements the Organization might have to make necessary changes in the Quality system to comply with the Customer Specific requirements. PQSmitra helps an organization to make the necessary changes to comply with the requirements in a very easy and practical manner.


  1. Can PQS assist in ensuring my suppliers are certified and assist in improving the overall quality?

Yes, PQSmitra can ensure that your suppliers are certified and we can assist them in improving the overall quality to meet your specific requirements.


  1. Can PQS help my organization identify requirements as per modern trend and help implement the same for my suppliers?

Yes, PQSmitra as an Organization remains very up to date regarding the new trends of certification & specific requirements. We provide full assistance in the implementation of the same.