FAQ – Business Performance Improvements

  1. Can PQS help me in turning my organization profitable.

PQSmitra objective has always been “Performance, Growth & Prosperity of Industries & Business Houses”. We are always committed to help our clients to reach their set goals and achieve their desired results.


  1. How is this service different from Certification?

Basically in this service we provide in depth analysis & review of the organizations business process irrespective of certification. This helps an organization to eliminate the non-value added activities, ensure employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction etc achieving overall business improvement.


  1. What is *PQS Pragati*?

PQS Pragati- Business Process Re-engineering main concept is to establish a good management systems & inculcate good culture to achieve goals set by an Organization.


  1. Does this apply to my organization?

Business Performance Improvement is that type of service which can be used for any organization irrespective of its size & Operations. The main motive here is Business Process improvement and improving business is every organizations ultimate goal.


  1. Is this different from ISO Certification?

In Business Performance Improvement we focus on the overall activities which can benefit an organization regardless of an organization having a ISO Certification.


  1. How is PPAP Documentation service different than regular documentation service?

PPAP also known as Production Part Approval Process is a type of documentation that helps manufacturers & suppliers to communicate and approve production designs & processes for the entire stages of manufacturing cycle i.e. before, during & after. Whereas, regular documentation is maintained for the entire processes that are carried out in an organization.


  1. Can ISO certification help in my Business Improvement?

Definitely, a ISO certificate can help your organization by improving the overall Management System as well as improving working culture sustaining the longevity of the the organization.



  1. Is Business Performance a part of Standard?

Business Performance Improvement Service is the special service identified by PQSmitra which objective is to Improve the Overall Performance of an Organization even if doesn’t have ISO Certification. So if an Organization doesn’t want or is not capable for ISO Certification can opt for  BPI Service and can improve its performance respectively.


  1. Can PQSmitra – Online MIS support my company to achieve business goals?

Absolutely. Online MIS will help the concerned person keep an eye on critical parameters related to functioning of the organization using the simplified MIS indictors. This would help organization to eliminate nonproductive activities and improve profits.