FSC – Forest Stewardship Council Certification

What is FSC Certification?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an multistakeholder international non-profit organization. It is established in year 1993. The main purpose of the FSC is to promote the responsible management of the forest around the globe.

FSC is a global certification system for forest which is solely established for the forests & forest products. The FSC has a 10 principles & associated criteria which forms the foundation for all the FSC forest management standards and certification.

Forest Management FSC Certification gives an assurance that the wood product sourced from a forest are responsibly & sustainably managed. By complying to the forest management certification you can ensure that the Forest management practices at your organization are in compliance to the requirements of the internationally recognized FSC standards. The FSC has presence in more than the 80 countries.

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Hassle-free FSC Certification with PQSmitra

PQSmitra has helped many organizations achieving this mark of excellence. The simple and practical method of system implementation help organizations to set up a robust and effective system.
PQSmitra offers 100% support for documentation compliance in addition to onsite guidance for effective implementation. The implementation process is described below:

Simple & Practical Methodology


Initial Review

  • Initial visits and review of the existing systems
  • Gap analysis and planning for the documentation


  • Designing and developing of forms, formats, and procedures
  • Training and Hand holding/ support for implementation
  • 100% documentation support

Effective Verification

  • Internal audit for verification of implemented system
  • Management review

Achieve Certification

  • Certification audit
  • Closure of non-conformities support if any
  • Rewarded with FSC Forest Management Certification

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We ensure that FSC Certification adds value to your brand rather than distracting from it by getting counterfeit/local certification. Your certificate’s international traceability helps in passing the Certificate Verification process conducted by your overseas customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Compliance with the laws & regulations.
  • Workers’ rights & employment conditions.
  • Right of indigenous people.
  • Relations with the communities.
  • Forest benefits.
  • Determining Environmental values & impacts.
  • Proper management planning.
  • Provision for monitoring & assessment.
  • Ensuring high conservation value.
  • Management activities implementation.
  • To demonstrate compliance with the FSC Forest Management certification an organization should maintain and implement the documents as per the requirements of the Forest Management Standard. Some of the typical documents required for FSC Forest management certification:
    • Harvest & Cutting guidelines.
    • Management Plan.
    • Chemical usage form.
    • Timber volume report form.
    • Timber pre-harvest checklist form.
  • The Standard is applicable to the owners of the forests or mangers who want to demonstrate that their operations in forest are managed in environmental appropriate & socially beneficial with economic viable manner.
  • Its reduces risk of forest fires.
  • It facilitates to prevent deforestation.
  • Conserve the biodiversity.
  • Helps to mitigate climate change.
  • Protects water & Soil.
  • Improves productivity by reducing exploitation & use of forest.
  • Helps to generate jobs & enhance social welfare.
  • Encourage development of rural areas.
  • 1992 – Group of business, environmentalists & community leaders came to together to form Forest Stewardship Council.
  • 1993 – The Forest Stewardship Council was originated.

The certifications offered by FSC are of two types namely;

  • Forest Management Certification
  • Chain of custody Certification
  • The forest management certification is awarded to forest managers that meet with the regulatory requirements of the principle that is placed by FSC and its criteria, their management skills are assessed.
  • Manufacturers, processors, and traders of FSC- certified forest products are eligible for Chain of Custody certification. It ensures that FSC materials and products are examined at every level of processing, so customers who buy items with FSC claims may be convinced that they are truly FSC certified.
  • Project Certification – Individual articles or buildings of any size or scale that are constructed or refurbished are eligible for FSC project certification.Controlled wood – Controlled Wood certification is intended to assist organizations to avoid wood types that are deemed unsuitable.Multi-site CoC – Granted to larger companies operating at multiple locations.

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