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TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipment’s Limited) is an Indian tractor major incorporated in 1960 at Chennai. The third-largest tractor manufacturer in the world and the second largest in India by volumes.

In the recent past, TAFE introduced the “Supplier Quality System Survey – TAFE iMaRQ Audit” which ensures the control over the processes carried out at the vendor’s end. The requirements of this audit checklists are implemented by the vendors in supply chain to assure the consistency in quality, delivery and overall performance.

The focus is the upgradation of the supplier with respect to Quality, Productivity, Safety and Systems to ensure the quality of component / part supplied by the vendor.

Few Focus Points of TAFE – iMaRQ Audit

  • Quality audit and process verification
  • Process control
  • Safety management
  • Risk Management
  • Legal Compliance and Environment
  • Performance management& Sustainability

Note : The above audit criteria is mentioned based on the experience. As it the sole property of TAFE Limited, the checklist/audit criteria can be modified and revised at any point in time.

TAFE iMaRQ Audit – Supplier Assessment – Implementation Process by PQSmitra

PQSmitra offers services for detailed study of the audit checklist and successful implementation at client. The implementation involves training to follow actual shop floor practices and maintaining relevant documentation. PQSmitra team adopts a simple and systematic approach which helps in effective implementation and better audit results.

PQSmitra has developed a standard methodology to implement the customer specific requirements. The implantation methodology is as below:

  • Study the TAFE iMaRQ audit checklist requirements + customer specific requirements
  • Initial review of the existing system and documentation
  • System deigning, training, and assistance for the system implementation
  • Routine system verification and further improvement
  • Audit and Reporting

The services offered for compliance to iMaRQ audit points by PQSmitra has supported many suppliers to achieve better business performance.

VIDEO : TAFE – iMaRQ Audits

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