Walt Disney International Labor Standards (ILS) Programme

What is Walt Disney ILS Programme?

The Walt Disney Company’s International Labor Standards Program seeks to foster safe, inclusive, and respectful workplaces wherever Disney-branded products are produced. The International Labor Standards Program is an important component of The Walt Disney Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Supply Chain management efforts. Disney’s Code of Conduct for Manufacturers – Disney Code establishes Disney’s expectations to produce Disney-branded products. As described below, the principles embodied in the Disney Code are consistent with the core conventions of the International Labour Organization.

Disney’s International Labor Standards Program – ILS Program requires Licensees and Vendors to conduct ILS Audits and provide ILS Audit Reports on a regular basis, as described in this ILS Program Manual. This is intended to enable Disney and its Licensees and Vendors to gain greater visibility into the working conditions of Facilities in which Disney-branded products are produced and to promote continuous improvement in meeting the requirements of the Disney Code and the objectives of the ILS Program in fostering safe, inclusive, and respectful workplaces.

As a Licensee or Vendor of Disney, you are responsible for ensuring that Disney-branded products are produced in compliance with the ILS Program. ILS Program Manual outlines requirements for Licensees and Vendors and includes reference materials to help you meet your obligations. It is very vital to review ILS Program Manual and to ensure the adequate knowledge, experience, and capacity to meet the expectations of the ILS Program.

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Hassle-free Walt Disney Certification with PQSmitra

Walt Disney being a specific standard for aviation, space and defense industry, the system implementation requirements are stringent and effective. PQSmitra has been a reputed consultancy provider for more than 20 years. The systematic approach throughout the project execution by PQSmitra has supported many clients to implement effective system and avail Premium International Certification. The Walt Disney implementation process is described below:

Simple & Practical Methodology


Initial Review

  • Review of the existing  System
  • Gap analysis and planning for the compliance


  • Designing and developing of forms, formats, and procedures
  • Training and Hand holding/ support for implementation

Effective Verification

  • Internal audit for verification of implemented system
  • Management review

Audit clearance

  • Audit / verification
  • Closure of non-conformities support if any

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Customer Specific Requirements are the additional requirements imposed by the customer (Walt Disney ILS Program) which an organization needs to compulsorily comply with in order to become a verified supplier. In many cases, these requirements are additional to ISO certification.
  • Generally, customer specific requirements are the additional requirements generated over the existing ISO certification to meet certain needs of the customer. This helps the organization gain recognition as a socially compliant organization.
  • As per specific requirements the Organization might have to make necessary changes in the Quality system to comply with the Customer Specific requirements. PQSmitra helps an organization to make the necessary changes to comply with the requirements of Walt Disney ILS Program in a very easy and practical manner.
  • Yes, PQSmitra can ensure that your suppliers are certified and we can assist them in improving the overall quality to meet your specific requirements.
  • Yes, PQSmitra as an Organization remains very up to date regarding the new trends of certification & specific requirements. We provide full assistance in the implementation of the same.

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