ZED : Certification Zero Defect & Zero Effect


The Zero Defect Zero Effect scheme is operated by the Quality Council of India and aims to create an effective ecosystem for competitive, quality & clean manufacturing which would in turn help promote the development of world-class made in India products by MSME’s.

The vision of ZED is to enable the advancement of our Indian industry to a position of reputation in the global marketplace and leverage India’s emergence as the world’s supplier through the Made in India mark. The ZED is an integrated and comprehensive certification system that will account for productivity, quality, pollution mitigation, energy efficiency, financial status, human resource, and technological depth including design and IPR in both products and processes.

In ZED Certification the Zero Defect concept focuses on

  • Customer
  • Zero non-conformance or non-compliance
  • Zero waste

The Zero Effect concept focuses on

  • Zero air pollution, liquid discharge, solid waste
  • Zero wastage of natural resources

For the certification, every MSMEs will be assessed & rated on defined enabler & outcome parameters on operational level indicators and organizational level indicators at the operational level. Based on the assessment, the MSME will be ranked as Bronze-Silver-Gold-Diamond-Platinum enterprise. The rating provided will be valid for four years. The surveillance audit will be carried out by QCI.

The ratings provided in the maturity model are:

  • If the MSME’s score is above 2.2 and up to 2.5, then the rating is Bronze
  • If the MSME’s score is above 2.5 and up to 3.0, then the rating is Silver
  • If the MSME’s score is above 3.0 and up to 3.5, then the rating is Gold
  • If the MSME’s score is above 3.5 and up to 4.0, then the rating is Diamond
  • If the MSME’s score is above 4.0 and up to 5.0, then the rating is Platinum
  • In case an MSME scores 2.2 or lower, then-No Rating is provided


All MSMEs registered under MSMED Act, 2006 as amended from time to time and also to MSMEs which are included as par executive orders issued by AS&DC(MSME) consistent with MSMED Act from time to time.

Focus Points – ZED Certification Implementation

The ZED Certification scheme envisages promotion of Zero Defect and Zero Effect (ZED) manufacturing amongst MSMEs and ZED Assessment for the certification with the following focus points

  • Promote the adaptation of quality tools and energy-efficient manufacturing
  • Industry awareness programs, Workshops
  • MIS (Online systems including e-platform for assessment and e-content for awareness training).
  • Develop an ecosystem for zero-defect Manufacturing in the MSMEs
  • Encourage MSMEs to upgrade their quality standards in products and processes constantly
  • Drive manufacturing with the adoption of Zero Defect production processes and without impacting the environment
  • Develop the professionals in the area of ZED manufacturing and certification

Benefits of ZED Certificate

  • Improved processes leading to profitable revenues
  • Credible & reliable vendor recognition in the market
  • Aligning with best practices
  • Good interest rates and concession on loans
  • High performing ZED certificate holders will be recognized nationally by the Ministry of MSME QCI through an award and reward system which will help to showcase themselves globally
  • Global competitiveness
  • Market visibility brand recognition

ZED Certification Implementation Process by PQSmitra

The effective system implementation in the operational processes as per the ZED Certificate needs is the prime focus of PQSmitra. The value-adding approach by PQSmitra Team has supported hundreds of clients to achieve ZED certification without any difficulty. The implementation process is described below:

  • Initial visit and Helping in Company Registration on ZED portal
  • Review of the existing system with respect to ZED Questionnaires
  • Gap analysis and planning for compliance
  • Documentation including procedures, work instructions, etc.
  • Submission of Documentations as per Questionnaires
  • Assessment Rating
  • Rewarding the certificate to the organization

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