Trademark Registration

What is Trademark Registration? & what is the Role of PQSmitra in it?

Trademark Registration is exclusive ownership or right in relation to the goods services. It is indicated by using the symbol (R) & seeks the relief of infringement (violation of law/trespass on a right or privilege)

Trademarks are very unique signs that are used to identify goods or services from a certain company. They can be designs, signs, pictures, expressions, domains, etc. Trademark and its rights are protected by the Trademark Act, 1999.

One can also register a trademark before even starting the business & is valid for 10 years from the date of filing the application. Trademark registrations are distinctive to the goods or services they represent. The registrations are product/service-specific and are made under a “Class” of goods or services it represents. The trademark registration will therefore be valid for the entire class of goods or services it represents.

Also, an Indian Trademark may not be valid outside of India. It does not, therefore, guarantee any protection in any other country. To acquire a trademark in a different country a separate application must be filed in each of these countries

PQSmitra offers this unique service and has a 100% success rate in recognizing customers the brand and brand value through Trademark.

Which Organizations can avail the Trademark Registration Services?

  • Any Individual Company or a LLP can be an applicant and may file the application for the registration of a particular trademark.
  • In the Trademark Registration form, the person whose name is mentioned as the applicant will be declared as the owner of the trademark once the trademark is successfully registered.
  • Startups registering under start up India

Benefits of Trademark Registration Service.

  • Legal Protection
  • Product Differentiation
  • Brand Recognition
  • Creation of an Asset
  • Business Valuation & Goodwill
  • Trademark Recognition
  • Business Expansion

Our Methodology

  • Enquiry Form (where all your information will be taken for the form filling process)
  • Registering your Brand
  • Advice on Trademark Classification
  • Important Documents will be taken for the process to be fulfilled.
  • Successful Certification will be mailed to you by us.

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