Proprietorship Registration

What is Proprietorship Registration & What is the role of PQSmitra in it?

A proprietorship also known as a sole trading firm or single-person firm is a business that is owned and run by an individual person where the owner and the business are treated one and the same. It solely means that the person/owner is personally liable for all debts and liabilities of the business.
Proprietorships are not regulated by any particular Act. Hence there is no specific type of registration. Every business needs registration under Shop & Establishment Act whether it is providing a service or dealing in goods.
In other words, a single person can run a company called a proprietorship firm. In a proprietorship firm single person can control, manage and invest all capital, assets sharing all profit and loss.
The Government has not defined any mechanism for the registration of proprietorship firms. But we can register a proprietorship through Local License / Registration and Tax registration.
PQSmitra offers Proprietorship Registration services where our experts will guide you with the complete process, its requirements & many more. Our knowledge & support will help you be successfully registered.

Who can avail Proprietorship Registration?

  • Service providers providing services online or offline to clients
  • Businesses manufacturing goods
  • Traders and merchants selling goods

Benefits of Proprietorship Registration

  • No corporate tax liability on Proprietorship Company.
  • Compliance is minimal in comparison with other forms of business.
  • The cost required for Proprietorship is low than other business registrations
  • No sharing of profits
  • No specific audit requirement
  • Information is not made public

Our Methodology

  • Enquiry Form (where all your information will be taken for the form filling process)
  • Important Documents will be taken for the process to be fulfilled.
  • Updating you about the process
  • Successful Certification will be mailed to you by us.

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