One Person Company (OPC) Registration

What is OPC Registration & What is the role of PQSmitra in it?

One Person Company (OPC) is a company that can be formed with only 1 owner, who can act as both director and shareholder of a company. There can be more than 1 director but not more than 1 shareholder. The company is registered as per the compliance & regulatory guidelines of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).
This OPC Registration allows an individual to reap benefits like an individual can take riskier decisions without having to worry about losing personal assets due to which it has encouraged many start-ups and young entrepreneurs to register as an OPC. One Person Company is a new type of business entity as it allows a single entrepreneur to get his business registered as a company & get limited liability protection.
An OPC can be started with a minimum authorized capital of Rs. 1 lakh. There is no mandatory requirement for a minimum paid-up capital. Hence, you can start as an OPC with a capital contribution as low as Rs. 2. However when the paid-up capital exceeds Rs. 50 lakh, OPC must mandatorily convert to a private limited company (Pvt ltd). Also, when the average turnover for 3 consecutive years becomes Rs. 2 crores or more, there is a need to convert into a Pvt Ltd.
​A natural person who is resident in India and an Indian Citizen who is living in India for a period of 182 Days is eligible to act as a member and nominee of an OPC​. A person can be only being a member of one OPC. ​If a person becomes a member or nominee of 2 or more than 2 OPC’s then he has to withdraw his membership from the OPC within 182 days.
PQSmitra offers these OPC Registration services where the complete process is made easy with our knowledge, experience, and many more. We offer complete support on getting you successfully registered.

Who can avail OPC Registration?

  • Entrepreneurs who wish to form a company with limited liability
  • Proprietorship firm looking to get status of a company

Benefits of OPC Registration

  • Compliances are less than a Private Limited Company
  • Only one person is required OPC Registration
  • Paper works are less as compared to Private Limited Companies
  • Property can be owned on Company Name
  • It enjoys the same privileges that come with a firm being listed as a private limited company.

Our Methodology

  • Enquiry Form (where all your information will be taken for the form filling process)
  • Important Documents will be taken for the process to be fulfilled.
  • Name Approval
  • Updating you about the process
  • Successful Certification will be mailed to you by us.

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