LLP Registration

What is LLP Registration What is the role of PQSmitra in it?

Limited Liability Partnership is formed when two or more partners form a special partnership and have limited liabilities. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) has become a preferred form of organization among entrepreneurs as it incorporates the benefits of both partnership firm and company into a single form of organization.
LLP is registered as per regulatory guidelines and compliance is undertaken by the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA). LLPs are a flexible legal and tax entity that allows partners to benefit from economies of scale by working together while also reducing their liability for the actions of other partners.
The minimum number of partners required is 2 and there is no upper limit on the maximum number of partners but the minimum limit is 2 in which at least one should be a resident of India. They are directly responsible for the compliance of all the provisions of LLP Act 2008 and provisions specified in the LLP agreement.
PQSmitra offers its trust and support for successfully being an LLP Registered Company.

Who can avail LLP Registration?

  • Minimum two directors and two shareholders
  • Companies, body corporates or already existing partnerships
  • LLPs registered outside India
  • Startups and SMEs looking for carrying business with minimal legal formalities

Benefits of Partnership Registration

  • Compliances & Regulations are less as compare to other Entity
  • No minimum capital contribution requirement
  • LLP registration cost is low as compare to other entity.
  • No requirement of minimum capital contribution
  • The liability of each partner is limited to the contribution made by partner

Our Methodology

  • Enquiry Form (where all your information will be taken for the form filling process)
  • Important Documents will be taken for the process to be fulfilled.
  • Partnership Deed Drafting
  • Updating you about the process
  • Successful Certification will be mailed to you by us.

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