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PQSmitra has identified certain formalities that are often deemed as time consuming but are very much essential for running of businesses. The organizations often experience following issues when the registration process is managed internally.

  • Understanding of the Government Procedures
  • Competency, skills, legal compliance required to coordinate with government authorities.
  • Errors in formatting & language used
  • Consuming lot of time to do simpler tasks
  • Unable to handle critical but vital documents
  • Unable to meet the deadlines set for registration

Thus, many organizations need an external support in registering their organization on time with proper process & steps. PQSmitra offers these company registration services to organizations to get them these important registration in smooth manner.

UDYAM Registration

Udyam registration is online registration for micro, small-medium enterprises provided by the Indian government.

Trademark Registration

Scientific review of the business and its processes to build a platform for Business Planning & setting up Business Goals.

FSSAI Registration

Scientific review of the business and its processes to build a platform for Business Planning & setting up Business Goals.

Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is just like a physical or paper certificate (document) but in electronic format through which any e-forms can be signed digitally.

Shop & Establishment Registration

Shop & Establishment Registration (GUMASTA license) is a registration required for doing any kind of business in the state of Maharashtra. The certificate provides you the authority to do your business at a particular place

PAN Card Application

PAN (Permanent Account Number) is an electronic system/format through which all tax-related information of a person/company is recorded against a single PAN number.

GST Registration

GST is referred to as Goods & Service Tax. Being GST Registered will allow the taxpayer to be legally recognized as the supplier of goods & services.

Temporary GST Registration

Temporary GST Registration is required for individuals involved in occasional business dealings (seasonal) or the ones lacking a fixed place for their business activity.

Import Export Code

Any business entity that is looking to kick start his/her import & export business in the country needs to have this import-export code.

E-Way Bill Registration

E-Way bill is an important mechanism that ensures that the goods are being transported in compliance with the GST Law & it is the most effective tool to track the movement of goods & check tax evasion.

TAN Registration

Any individual who is responsible for Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) or Tax Collection at Source (TCS) on behalf of the government compulsory needs to have a TAN

Professional Tax Registration

Professional Tax is the tax that is imposed on all kinds of professions, trades & employment and is based on the income of each.

Employee Provident Fund -EPF

EPF is a scheme under the employees Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is basically like benefits provided to the employee by the organization during his/her retirement.

Proprietorship Registration

A proprietorship also known as a sole trading firm or single-person firm is a business that is owned and run by an individual person where the owner and the business are treated one and the same.

Partnership Registration

A Partnership Registration is where two or more people together join hands to carry out a business. Together the partners become joint business owners and carry out operations governed by the partnership deed.

LLP Registration

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) has become a preferred form of organization among entrepreneurs as it incorporates the benefits of both partnership firm and company into a single form of organization.

OPC Registration

One Person Company (OPC) is a company that can be formed with only 1 owner, who can act as both director and shareholder of a company. The company is registered as per the compliance & regulatory guidelines of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited is the most popular type of corporate legal entity in India, where while registering a private limited company minimum of two shareholders and two directors are required.

Public Limited Company  Registration

A Public Limited Company (PLC) is a company that is able to offer its shares to the public. Under the Company Act 2013, its stock can be acquired by anyone either through Initial Public Offerings (IPO) or via trades on the stock market.

ESI Return Filing and Payment

Employee State Insurance (ESI)  is a kind of self-financing social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers, This registration is important and mandatory for companies having 10 or more than 10 employees.

PF Return Filing and Payment

PF is the most beneficial scheme introduced by the Ministry of Labor for the employees. As per the PF Act, every company/organization employing more than 20 individuals including employees who are on the contract is mandatorily required to register under PF Act.

FSSAI Return

Every food manufacturer, importer, exporter, labeler’s, packers, re-packers are required to file an annual return either electronically or in the physical form prescribed by the Food Safety Commissioner before 31st May of each year.

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