Routine System Verification & Support

Routine System Verification & Support
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Importance of Good Operational System

A good operational system implementation at the organization always support Growth and Sustainability through better performance of individual business process. There are many processes such as Marketing, Sales, Purchase, Production, Quality Assurance, Maintenance which can directly affect the overall performance if there is a lapse in following the system implementation process.

Issues/Difficulties faced

Despite having a good approach by top management, the business system implementation is found to be weak due to several reasons. This affects business performance to a great extent.  PQSmitra has identified a few reasons below:

  • Complicated systems. Difficult to maintain
  • A lot of documentation but NO Results
  • Lack of competence in staff members or lack of training
  • High Attrition Rate (High Employee turnover)
  • Resistance / Unwillingness to adopt and accept systematic work
  • Lack of responsibilities & authorities amongst the interested party or stakeholders
  • Leads to the poor presentation during audits (By certification bodies/ Customers)

These issues impact the proper functioning and performance of any organization. All the above-mentioned issues are reasons which preclude the organizations from getting their share of success.

How PQSmitra can support??

PQSmitra representatives can support your organization on a regular basis. This helps in simplifying the systems and support in maintaining the documentation and records as per the requirements. This simple, practical and effective module has supported many organizations for better presentation and performance.

Methodology of PQSmitra Routine System Verification & Support

PQSmitra access the quantum of work and accordingly routine monthly visits are proposed to the client organization. Once the project is finalized, PQSmitra representatives prepare the plan and accordingly further activities are performed as below:

  • Discussion with the client to finalize scope of work
  • Planning for the visits (Generally 4-6 visits per months) depending upon the size of the operations & quantum of work.
  • Preparation of system checklist and Calendar for execution
  • Routine visits and documentation by PQSmitra team
  • Creating a formal MIS and reporting
  • Assistance during certification/surveillance audits i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc.
  • Assistance (Onsite / Offsite) while audits by your customer

Which organizations can avail Routine System Verification & Support?

  • Manufacturing units
  • Service sector including Educational institutes, Hospitals and other service providing units
  • Any other business units irrespective of nature of business, size and location.

Benefits of Routine System Verification & Support

  • Value addition through routine visits. It keeps the management system alive and efficient.
  • Unbiased system verification reports
  • System driven processes rather than person dependency
  • Systematic work by the PQSmitra team supports smooth business operations
  • Availability of records and data for taking decisions
  • MIS/Performance monitoring helps for better achievement of business goals
  • Smooth retention of International certification status
  • Better presentation during customer audits and also during audits by the certification authorities.

PQSmitra with its simple, practical and result-oriented approach, has served hundreds of organizations with its routine system verification services in the past more than 20 years. This service has supported many companies to improve discipline and the overall culture at the organization.

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