Gap Analysis – Business Process Health Check-up


Enhancing Business Performance is the constant objective for every organization. For performance improvement, the first step is to scientifically analyze the business and its processes.
Gap analysis is a technique that can be used to assess if an organization can meet its needs using its present capabilities. There are many departments & their processes such as Sales and Marketing, Purchase, Production, Quality Assurance and control, Maintenance which can directly affect the overall performance if there any gaps/ shortfalls in following the system implementation process.

Few Industrial Issues

  • Untrained employees
  • Lack of Accountability
  • Un-organized Working
  • Inadequate System

What is the Concept of Gap Analysis??

Gap analysis is a business process health check-up activity in which Operational systems/ Departmental functioning is verified to identify scope for improvement.
PQSmitra has developed a methodology where the identify and study the Organization’s department and their processes information. Based on the detailed study, the Gap Analysis Report is prepared which is considered as an input for suggestions/ remedial actions on system shortfalls for Better Business Performance.

Points considered while Gap analysis

  • Industrial Best Practices
  • Requirement of International Certification & Standard
  • Specific Requirement of Client

What Can You Expect

  • System loopholes
  • Human recourses related Issues
  • Removal of non-value-added activity
  • Better Business Performance & Efficiency
  • Compliance while the various audit

Methodology of Gap Analysis

  • Identifying Organization process / Department
  • Identification of system process/ Department
  • Submission of Report- Gap Analysis Performance
  • Suggestions/remedy for Better Business

PQSmitra has performed Gap analysis for many of its clients. This detailed study and report have supported clients to get a clear vision to set up business objectives and targets. PQSmitra team has also supported many clients with the implementation of the set business plan to achieve targets in the stipulated time frame.

VIDEO :Gap Analysis Business Process Health Checkup

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