Facility Audit – Visual management survey/Audit


Visual management is the way of easy and fast communication by means of colours, images, and minimal text. PQSmitra promotes visual management across industry and business units for better business performance.

Visual management can create a great awareness on Quality, Safety and Productivity in manufacturing and other business processes. It is noted that

  • Visual memory is 60,000 times faster than auditory memory.
  • 65% population is visual learners.

The correct and effective displays create a mistake-proof environment to promote effortless adherence to the standards. It quantifies the path to targets for success.

It is observed that many of the organizations are willing to display visual boards including identification boards, safety signs, policies & instructions, display posters, compliance boards, informative boards, evacuation plans etc. at their factories. Such displays are effective only if the selection and location of the display is appropriate.

Benefits of Visual Management

  • Better presentation to customers and visitors
  • Supports approval of the facility by the customer
  • Enhanced awareness on Quality, Productivity and Safety
  • Inspiring work culture
  • Time saving and less fatigue
  • Enhanced morale of the team members

Methodology of Visual Management Survey/Audit by PQSmitra

PQSmitra group has developed a Unique methodology to create inspiring cultures by means of effective visual management. The phases of the project are as under:

  • Onsite survey/audit at the facility
    The experts visit the facility and scientifically identify the scope for visual management implantation.
  • Submission of the Visual management survey report
    The comprehensive report is submitted to the client focusing on promotion of Quality, Productivity & Safety.
  • Designing of appropriate displays
    Based on approval from the client organization, PQSmitra team designs various visual management boards. Designs are sent for approval from the client organization.
  • Installation of displays at the site.
    Upon receiving the approval on designs, the team is mobilised for installation of displays at appropriate locations at the facility.

Which organizations can avail services?

PQSmitra group has executed number of visual management projects at various organizations from different sectors of the industry as mentioned below:

  • Manufacturing units
  • Warehouses / Logistic units
  • Corporate offices
  • Commercial establishments including commercial complexes,
  • Service sector including Educational institutes, hospitals etc.
  • Residential complexes

Our Visual Management Experts have made hundreds of satisfied clients experiencing the cultural upgrade for better business performance. They have achieved it with their scientific & professional approach in project execution.

VIDEO : Facility Audit - Visual Management Survey

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