Facility Audit – Prevention of Covid 19


The entire world is affected due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. It has affected the normal life and life of individual business as well. It is very essential to start the business operations as soon as possible but with an utmost care towards protection from COVID-19.

PQSmitra has introduced a service which supports implementation of controls for protection from COVID-19 pandemic. This will help businesses to restart again with responsibility which will take care of the team members and ensure smooth uninterrupted business operations.

Benefits of Facility Audit for Protection from COVID-19

  • Identification of scope for improvement towards compliance
  • Suggestions for simple and practical methods for improvements
  • Supports smooth business operations
  • Care of team members and visitors
  • Enhanced morale of the team members
  • Status of COVID-19 Protection compliant facility

Methodology of Facility Audit for Protection from COVID-19

PQSmitra group has developed a specific checklist taking into consideration all required controls to get protected from pandemic COVID-19. The phases of the project are as under:

  • Onsite survey/audit at the facility
    The experts visit the facility and scientifically identify the scope of improvement towards protection from COVID-19.
  • Submission of the survey / audit report
    The comprehensive report is submitted with the suggestions for corrective actions
  • Discussions and Guidance
    Discussions and support for the team members for implantation of the corrective actions

Which organizations can avail services?

PQSmitra group has executed number of visual management projects at various organizations from different sectors of the industry as mentioned below:

  • Manufacturing units
  • Ware houses / Logistic units
  • Corporate offices
  • Commercial establishments including commercial complexes,
  • Service sector including Educational institutes, hospitals etc.
  • Residential complexes

Our Experts will add value to the entire activity via scientific & professional approach in project execution.

VIDEO : Covid-19 Facility Audit

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