Accreditation Scheme Consultant

Every Business wants to grow at a national level. Adopting and adherence to quality standards/good practices/well-defined processes etc. will offer that recognition and status to the organization in the market.

PQSmitra has created a mechanism of its own for independent third-party assessment of products, services, and processes. Accreditation aims to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of citizens of India and being a consultant, PQSmitra has supported the business for the past 21 years in documentation, maintain customer relations, identify risk and opportunity, etc.  Our goal is to develop a conformity assessment that reduces the risk for businesses and their customers by assuring them professional validation and verifications that one can rely on.

PQSmitra has noted below mentioned few important aspects about the Accreditation Scheme/programme which the organization should know prior to spending / investing –

Selection of the Right Accreditation Programme

Check for the GENUINE CERTIFICATION options

Each Accreditation should support for BETTER BUSINESS PERFORMANCE

SIMPLE and PRACTICAL system implementation

Accreditation programme should be a Blessing and NOT a BURDEN

Accreditation Scheme Consultant

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